Ben Nevis Walking Tips: A Beginners Guide

Whether you are an absolute walking beginner or a seasoned mountain climber, the chances are that at some point you are going to want to tick Ben Nevis Mountain off your “to do” list. Whilst Ben Nevis does have a walker’s route, it can still be treacherous at certain times of the year. The 5-10 hour walk has caught out more than a few inexperienced trekkers over the years.

Here are some of our top Ben Nevis walking tips, to help make sure your adventure ends in success.

Walking Ben Nevis With the Right Guide

Bearing in mind the potential for problems, there is more than a sensible argument for employing the services of an experienced guide like ours. A seasoned guide will ensure that you get the very best out of your walk on Ben Nevis Mountain while adding safety into the mix.

When choosing a walking guide to take you and your party up Ben Nevis, their understanding of the mountain and their local knowledge will make all the difference to the quality of your experience. Make sure you pick a guide that is a true expert, who knows all about the mountain and how to provide the best possible Ben Nevis adventure. Our guides are qualified mountain professionals, with a minimum of the Summer Mountain Leader or Winter Mountain Leader awards – but often with the additional Mountain & Climbing Instructor awards too. They are also residents of nearby Fort William, and make ascents up Ben Nevis on a regular basis for work and also climbing on The North Face for fun. Such experienced guides not only add genuine expertise and insight to your walk up Ben Nevis, allowing you to get the most out of your hike, but also appreciate how quickly and dramatically the weather on the mountain can change, making sure the hike is both enjoyable and safe.

Staying Safe When Climbing and Walking up Ben Nevis Mountain

Ben Nevis is the UK’s largest mountain. It stands at 1,345 metres high with landscapes ranging from rolling hills to steep inclines and jagged slopes. Weather up the mountain is also unpredictable and can turn at any moment, even in the summer months. When climbing Ben Nevis, you need to be fully prepared for any problems you may face. Be sure to take plenty of supplies, keep an eye on the forecasts, plan your walking route and take advice from previous climbers. You don’t need specialist equipment to climb Ben Nevis, but good walking boots are still a must, as is stamina and a level head. Going off the beaten tracks can be very dangerous, so be sure to follow The Mountain Track, if it’s not hidden under the snow.

Knowing the Best Route up Ben Nevis Mountain

The walking paths leading up Ben Nevis Mountain are well maintained, however, the regular rainfalls that swell the mountain streams often erode the gravel and deposit rocks and debris onto the paths. Our experienced local guides make regular trips up the mountain, keeping each other appraised of the conditions and ensuring the routes are always fit for exploring. We recommend all beginners and newcomers join us on a trip up The Mountain Track. The gentlest and most accessible route up Ben Nevis, it provides stunning views and a path to the peak, without some of the more challenging obstacles of the other trails.