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Ben Nevis is the UK’s tallest mountain and one of the greatest and most rewarding walking challenges found in Britain. Join our Guides for an unforgettable hiking experience. 

Our Guides are true, local experts. We know Ben Nevis like the back of our hand. Make the most of this legendary mountain by climbing with some of the best Guides in Fort William!

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We provide Guided Walks up Ben Nevis for all hikers. Adventurers will be led by our professional guides, who have a detailed knowledge of the mountain. Many of Ben Nevis’ tracks and routes can be treacherous, but we at Ben Nevis Guides offer the most easy-going and beginner-friendly option. Taking the affectionately dubbed Pony Path, we lead hikes up the most accessible parts of Ben Nevis, allowing anyone with determination and stamina to reach the UK’s highest peak.

Climbing and hiking Ben Nevis is a challenge many people relish, however, even the Pony Path can be tough and hazardous for visitors who are unprepared. A wild and untamed landscape, being prepared for what you may face when hiking up this Great British giant is important. That’s why it’s always a good idea to climb with an experienced, local Guide. Our Guides have all the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure walkers of all ages and expertise receive the best possible visit to Ben Nevis.

Ben Nevis Guides are passionate about preserving this stunning mountain for future generations. For every booking made, we donate money to community conservation charity Friends of Nevis.

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What We Offer

Group Walking

Reduce the cost of your walk and join our group treks! Open to all, Ben Nevis Guides run weekly group expeditions to the top of the mountain. Walk alongside fellow hiking enthusiasts, meet new people and take in the splendour of Ben Nevis mountain.

Private Guides

Hire out our Guides for a bespoke walking experience. Climb Ben Nevis 1-to-1 with a local Guide and receive a uniquely tailored hiking adventure. Privately Guided walks are also open to small groups, so you can bring along a partner, friends or family, too!

Why Choose Us…

Our Guides are some of the most seasoned operators guiding hikers up Ben Nevis. 

Call us now or enquire online and take the first step towards an unforgettable journey up Britain’s highest peak!

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Every year, more than 150,000 people climb Ben Nevis. This awe-inspiring experience is a bucket-list item of even the most seasoned climbers.

If you’re visiting the area for the first time and are an inexperienced hiker, the safest option is to employ the services of a Ben Nevis Guide to ensure the climb and descent are successful. Our fully qualified Mountain Leaders have lived at the foot of this formidable peak for many years and know exactly how to traverse the rugged terrain. We will make sure your visit to Ben Nevis is safe and enjoyable, whether you are on your own or travelling as part of a group.

Some of the most reputable Ben Nevis Guides in the area, we offer daily walks up Ben Nevis. Our team of locals possess a deep knowledge of the mountain and the neighbouring area.

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